Shady Lane Farm

A Word About Pitbull Ownership

We would like to advise those viewing this site that while we are the proud owners of these lovely pitbull terriers we in no way advise anyone to attempt to own this many pitbulls unless you are very familiar with the breed. It took years of owning these dogs to realize just how powerful they really are. Pitbull ownership is a tremendous responsibility. We do not advise first time dog owners or anyone with a "push over" personality with dogs to own this breed. Many pitbulls are dog aggressive and tend to be combative amongst themselves. Same sex aggression is common. If you must have more than one pitbull please try to have one of the opposite sex. Also, a pitbull who is challenged by another dog will probably step up to the challenge. Remember a dog fight with a pitbull is a fight that the pitbull is going to finish. We NEVER leave our dogs alone together UNLESS they are very comfortable and happy with each other. Our dogs are NEVER allowed to run loose on our property without constant supervision. These dogs are best walked on strong leashes. Our dogs are very friendly and quite gentle with children, adults and small animals. Our dogs are amazingly gentle and patient with the autistic child in our family. However, we would never advise anyone to leave any dog alone with a young child or small pet. These dogs are extremely loving, devoted and easy to care for with their short coats and healthy profiles. It has been said that pitbull terriers are too much dog for some people and too much dog for most. This breed is an excellent guard as their presence is most intimidating. Pitbulls love to be walked and love playing fetch and other games. Most enjoy swimming. Ours love the family swimming pool. We have owned various breeds and we are unanimous in saying that once you have owned a pitbull terrier you will never want to be without one!!! Nothing compares to this breed. We welcome any input anyone might wish to share with us via our guest book.

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