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This page is dedicated to Lucy, who passed away on April 27, 2011, and Angel, who passed away on September 19, 2010, and to Honey Buns, Leroy and Louie, who were euthanized on June 19, 2008, due to various health issues. We bid a sorrowful farewell to four dear old friends, whom we shall greatly miss.

Good-bye, faithful friends. You are free of your earthly sufferings. You can now run and play forever in the fields of Elysium. May God and Saint Francis of Assisi bless you.

Photo of Louie, Leroy, Angel, Lucy and Honey (5 beautiful pitbull dogs)

The Pack

(l-r) Louie, Leroy, Angel, Lucy, Honey Buns

Photo of a man with a little dog on his lap

We are pleased to introduce Charlie, a Boston Terrier-French Bulldog cross. Charlie came to us on July 27, 2015 from a former Miss New Hampshire who wasn't able to give him the attention she felt that he deserved. Welcome to Shady Lane Farm, Charlie! We're sure that he'll fwork his way into your hearts just as he has ours.

Photo of a French Bulldog-Boston Terrier-Pitbull mix

Alice is an American Staffordshire Terrier-French Bulldog cross that we adopted from a Georgia animal shelter. She came to us on August 13, 2013. If she appears to be very sweet in this photo, that's because she really is.

Photo of Roxie, a pretty brindle and white dog

Roxie has been with us for five years. She is a rescue from a local shelter and came to them from a shelter in the deep south. We have had her DNA tested and she is part Boston Terrier, part Wippet and part Weimaraner. However, she's 100% loved here.

Leroy and Ayla take a nap

Leroy and Ayla taking a nap by the wood stove

Three bully breed dogs hanging out on a lawn.

Alice hanging out with her packmates, Frodo and Conan.

A man crouching down between two puppies

Don with our two (formerly) newest additions, (l-r) Conan and Frodo, in June 2008.

Photo of Sylvia and Rocky, a red-nose pit

Sylvia (my mom) with Rocky

Man driving with dog in passenger seat

Don chillin' in his car while Honey Buns enjoys the view from the passnger seat

Photo of Rocky, Sara and Lady

My sister, Sara, with our dear departed friends Rocky and Lady

Photo of a lovely pitbull bitch (White Terrier style) in her golden years

Showing off her noble White Terrier heritage, even in her golden years

Two puppies napping, one on top of the other

Conan and Frodo taking a nap

A dog wading in a woodland pool

Here's Leroy in his favorite wading pool

Little girl hugging her puppy

Ayla hugging Frodo Puppy in June 2008

Leroy and Ayla sitting on the floor

Leroy and Ayla relaxing together

A dog lying on a picnic table in the summer sun

Louie sun-bathing on the picnic table

Photo of Leroy James, a brindle pitbull

Leroy James

Photo of a boy and his pitbull friend

Louie with his pal, Jonathan

Frodo, Louie and Honey eye a possible treat.

Frodo, Louie and Honey spy a possible treat

Photo of four beautiful pitbulls

The Old Pack
(L-r) Muffin, Lady, Brin & Rocky

A one-year old girl and her pitbull pal

Ayla with her pitbull pal, Angel

A close up of a pitbull and a little girl

Taken five years after the above, this photo shows that Angel and Ayla are still close

Photo of Lacey, a beautiful, brindle pitbull bitch

?-October 3, 2002
We "fostered" her for two wonderful years.
She will be sorely missed

B&W Photo of Rocky, a hansome red-nose pit


image of a terrier on a taut leash

Roxie looking very intent on a fall day

Photo of a cute little white dog

We are proud to introduce Pippin!

Yes, we know he isn't a pitbull, but he doesn't know that and his packmates pretend not to notice. We hope you'll welcome him into your hearts just as we have.

Four Feet

Louie's Story

A Word About Pitbull Ownership

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