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Louie's Story
Sylvia Whittum

An image of a handsome red pitbull-rottweiler cross-bred dog relaxing on the grass

Our beloved Louie was euthanized on June l9, 2008. Louie was 12 years old. He was a humane society rescue and came to us when he was a mere 6 weeks old. Louie was diagnosed with abdominal cancer in March of 2008.

Louie had always lived throughout life at "full throttle." He seemed fine until early in March when he suddenly refused to eat and seemed in distress. We rushed him to the veterinarian (afraid of bloat). After a body scan, it was found that he had numerous cysts on top of a mass or tumor in the abdominal area. At first, surgery was the option, but the vet clinic felt that at his age, this would not be feasible. We were told to bring him home, love him and enjoy him until the time came when we felt that he was ready to die. Time was short as there was the danger of the cysts bursting. Also, the tumor was starting to enlarge, putting pressure on his lungs so his breathing was becoming labored. However, over the next several weeks Louie enjoyed playing, his walks and chasing squirrels. He didn't appear that ill until a few days before his death.

Louie was a good dog who also loved children and going into classrooms to teach them about humane education. He also loved other animals and joins his dear friends from his dog pack who have passed on before him. Louie was a treasured gift who will never be forgotten. Thank you for reading his story.

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