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fShady Lane Farm

Ghosts at Shady Lane Farm?

Image of a haunted house

When my parents first purchased our 150-year old farm in 1968, they had no idea that ghosts were part of the package. One night in 1969, my sister Sara, a few months old at the time, was asleep in her room. In the middle of the night, my father and grandmother heard an infant crying. They entered Sara's room and saw a crying baby standing in her crib with its arms outstretched. Upon reaching the crib, they found that the crying baby had vanished and Sara was fast asleep. Sometime later, my mother was resting in that room, when she saw an old lady standing over her. When she looked again, the apparition was gone. When Sara was four, she saw a woman come into her room one night. She threw a stuffed animal at the figure. The toy passed through the woman and Sara yelled for our father. When he arrived, the woman was gone, but he saw a figure moving down the hallway. Investigation revealed nothing.

On another occasion, my father and his brother had had a few drinks and were investigating the cemetery on our property. They accidentally knocked over a gravestone, but opted to wait until the next day to restore it. That evening, the glass salt and pepper shakers were not in their usual perches on the back of the stove. They were found smashed, in a corner of the kitchen. Later, they saw the light switch turn off and on. The next day, they fixed the stone.

About thirty years ago, my father put a toy typewriter we no longer used in the attic. A few nights later, around midnight, we could hear someone pounding away on the keys of that typewriter. We were all in bed, and no one could've entered the attic without alerting our dogs. It certainly redefines the term "ghost writer."

Then there are the floating lights. The first time I saw one of them, I thought it was a light behind me reflecting off of my watch onto the wall. When I jerked my hand, the light moved where I expected it to, but seconds after I stopped moving my hand. My cousin, who was out in the barn, came in, out of breath,and said he saw a light floating in the barnyard. I had seen some kind of reflection of this light on the wall. My sister Sara says she sees these lights periodically on her bedroom wall at night.

Image of a ghost haunting a cemetary

They flicker and move sporadically around the room. A few years ago, something else happened to me. It was late, and I was the last one awake. I had had some ice cream, and was in the kitchen washing my dish, when the light turned off. I turned the light on again, washed my dish and went to bed. I know when to call it quits.

As recently as June of 2010, a tenant on the first story apartment in the farmhouse at Hide-Away Farm reported a supernatural encounter. He said that when he would try to sleep at night, someone or something was poking him. He was up late one night working on his computer when an unseen force scratched his harm. One of the most disturbing activites to occur was when his razor fell from the top shelf of the medicine cabinet directly to the floor. Our tenant, an amatuer paranormalist, conducted one hundred trials in which he carefully attempted to recreate this incident. Every time the razor fell from the top shelf, it landed in the bathroom sink. It was shortly after this that every razor in the house would mysteriously end up in the bathtub.

Our tenant finally contacted a medium and she said she felt two presences in the house, one male and one female. The male presence had some negative designs for our renant's adolescent daughter. The female presence was identified as the tenant's mother and she was protecting the daughter. She could not protect two people, so the male presence was displacing his anger on her father, our tenant. The medium was able to convince the male presence to leave. She did get his name however before he departed. The tenant came up here with his daughter and asked to be taken to the cemetary at Shady Lane Farm. The name they had been given was the name of the second person to be interred at that cemetary and he had been buried in 1854. Reportedly, the male presence has not been back.

In October 2014, the aformentioned tenant brought a sensitive to Shady Lane Farm. We took her to the cemetery. She detected several spirits associated with the cemetery, however two were most prevalent. They are a boy and a girl, siblings, though there were a number of years between their lives, so they never knew each other in life. They lived in the late1860s-1870s. The boy, George, is a somewhat mischievous 8-year old. It turns out that he is responsible for moving a chair in the living room that we thought had been moved by our dog Conan as he likes to sit in that chair. George is trying to get to somethng he shouldn't that was on top of the divider/bookcase behind the chair when he was alive. The girl, his sister Alice, is about 10-years old and likes our cats better than the dogs. She claims responsibility for the brief disappearance of one of the cats this summer. Alice said she kept the cat with her and took her down the rabbit hole (yes, Alice likes the book Alice in Wonderland). Furthermore, Alice views my niece Ayla as a peer and looks out for her. She said that she didn't like Ayla's then recent haircut, stating that little girls should have long hair. Apparently whatever the poor child died from, a mehtod of treating it at the time was to cut off the sufferer's hair.

Image of barn with haunting eyes and flickering light

There was one other presence that was associated with the farm, but not the cemetery per se. He was a farmhand who worked on this farm in life and keeps an eye on things even now. This would explain some intriguing incidents here, like two of our pitbulls getting into a fight ten years ago in the woods. My mom went to get help and when we arrived, the two dogs had ceased fighting and were resting. This never should have happened. There was also an incident in which we had two plumbers working in the upstairs bathroom and my ,mom had scolded our dog Roxie for trying to sneak up on them. The plumbers left and a short time later my mom heard a man's voice tell Roxie to "get out of here." Roxie came downstairs and my mom went up to the bathroom, but no one was there.

You can think what you will about these events, but experiencing them first-hand made a believer out of me!

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