Shady Lane Farm

Shady Lane Farm

Photo of a mare standing in a pasture

Sadie was purchased in the fall of 2016 by my mom, Sylvia. She is very sweet and easy-going.

Photo of a horse cantering in a paddock

Sara's pony, Legolas

Photo of two miniature horses eating hay in a stall

Thorin (front) and Dain, Sara's miniature horses when they first came to us on July 17, 2014.

A headshot of Tully, a dun or buckskin Connemara

Round Robin's Murrintown Tully
June 2, 1971 -July 3, 2000
We miss you.

Image of Melissa jumping Tully at horse show

My sister Melissa on Tully at the Rye Horse Show

Photo of Melissa riding Sam I Am at Groton House

Melissa on Sam I Am at Groton House

Photo of a fox hunt at Shady Lane Farm

A fox hunt at Shady Lane Farm

Photo of a woman riding a dun Connemara

My sister Sara riding her Connemara pony, Tully

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