Shady Lane Farm

Chicken Coop of Tomorrow

Photo of a chicken coop with a tree growing in tis runPhoto of a tree growing in a chicken run

You may ask "What makes this the 'chicken coop of tomorrow'?" If you look closely, you'll notice that the Butternut tree which provides shade to the chickens' run is actually growing inside the run. That's right. The Butternut tree is growing inside the run. Why does a tree growing inside a chicken run make this the "chicken coop of tomorrow"? This is a unique union of nature and modern farming that exemplifies how humanity and nature can live and work together. The Butternut tree provides the chickens with shade and a place to roost. In turn, the Butternut tree is flourishing, so the benefits it receives are obvious. The "chicken coop of tomorrow," only here at Shady Lane Farm!

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