Shady Lane Farm

Shady Lane Farm's Cattle Lane of Antiquity

It was a beautiful November afternoon, so I decided to shoot the remnants of a cattle lane that runs parallel to the northwest stonewall at Shady Lane Farm.

Image of a granite block with a weather cedar post wired to it

What's left of the cattle lane is made up of these granite blocks with heavy gage wire around them. This one still has the remants of a cedar post affixed to it.

Two stone blocks along a tree line, remnants of a cattle lane

Here you can see two of the blocks (most were used for other projects by prior owners). They're on the far left and far right.

Two leaning stone blocks, remnants of a old cattle lane

Here are two more. The dark one on the left and that leaning one on the far right are the last in line and closest to the forest, which was obviously pasture at one time.

Scenic view of a pasture, a farmhouse and a barn at sunset

A great shot of Shady Lane Farm at sunset as seen from the lower pasture.

Two granite blocks standing along a treeline.

This shot shows two more blocks. Notice how the old trees appear to be in a line. They must have been saplings when this cattle lane was in use. (The woods on the other side of the stonewall were clearcut by a neighbor 15 years ago. They've really come back.)

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