Shady Lane Farm

New Look for an Old Barn

Photo of barn that needs re-shingling

As can be seen from the above photo taken in early August 2005, the barn at Shady Lane Farm was in desperate need of some cosmetic attention. This is the back or northeast side of the barn and had born the harshest weather conditions that New England winters can dish out. How long the shingles had been there was anyone's guess.

Light flowing through the slats of a barn wall

I took this photo from inside the barn after the shingles had been removed. It's dazzling. The light you see overhead was the flash of the camera (or sunlight?) reflecting off of the third story window.

Construction workers put siding on a barn

The roofers replaced the shingles with... not siding... but metal roofing left over from previous jobs

Date of original shingles painted on barn wall1951 painted on the back of a barn

The age of the shingles is revealed (hint: 1951)

A barn with colorful siding

VoilĂ ! The most colorful barn in New England!

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