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Hello, my name is Ayla Brewster, and this is my webpage. As I have recently been diagnosed as moderately autistic, I would like to dedicate this page to the Autism Speaks website. I'd like to thank my Uncle Chris for typing all the code I wrote for this page. The song you hear is You Are My Sunshine which I like, though it's not my favorite. We couldn't get When the Ants Go Marching, so it will do. By popular request, I have updated my site and added some recent photos. Check 'em out.

Ayla riding her miniature donkey

This is a very recent photo of me riding my miniature donkey, Firecracker. He's a sweetie.

Little girl at her graduation from kindergarten

This is a photo of me at my graduation from kindergarten in June 2008.

Ayla reading a book

Here I am on Christmas morning 2006 enjoying one of my presents, a book (I love books!).

A loving grandfather with his granddaughter

Here's a picture of me iwth Grampy Don taken in July 2008.

Photo of Ayla dancing

Here's a photo of me dancing to a CCR tune. Taken June 2004, I was just 26 months old.

Class photo of preschoolers

My first school picture, June 2005
(I'm in the front row, second from the left.).

Ayla sitting bright-eyed at computer

Here's photo of me at the computer. Pardon my wide-eyed expression. I';m somewhat amazed at my own computer prowess.

photo of Ayla smiling
Here's a not-so-recent photo of me at age 17 months (August 2003).
Photo of two tired farm hands on hay wagon

This is a photo of my dad and mom with the 2003 hay crop.

Photo of Ayla at eight months

This is from my 2002 Christmas card. (Photo by Jane Wingate).

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting. Come back soon, as I plan on adding to this page.

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