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Shady Lane Farm lies with its sister farm, Hide-Away Farm, on 110 acres of fields and woodlands in New Hampshire. Among the animals that call this place their home are six dogs, one cat, two miniature horses, two ponies, numerous chickens and assorted wild animals indigenous to New Hampshire. Some of our animals are rescue animals (the dogs and one cat and numerous horses over the years). This place is also home to the Gray Family Cemetery.

Aerial view of Shady Lane Farm

Among our many amenities is the beautiful nine-stall boarding barn at Hide-Away Farm. It's an elegant old dairy barn with a cool, sandy floored basement. We offer miles of trails through fields and woodlands. You can call us at 603.332.5795 or email us if you would like to use the trails so that arrangements can be made. We like to walk our dogs on them and have arrangements with neighbors who do the same, so that our walk times don't overlap. This is to prevent any problems that could potentially arise if the dogs don't get along. We also have borders who like to ride their horses on these trails, so please contact us before venturing onto them. If you haven't visited us in awhile, you're in for a treat. We've added to our Pitbull page. I'm also proud to say that I created this site myself using Bluefish, powerful, but free, Web development software. I had a lot of fun building this site. Enjoy! If you like what you see, please visit my Web site.

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